Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. Privacy Protection Statement

Privacy Protection Statement

Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") recognizes the importance of privacy, and as a company that is responsible for creating and popularizing a wide-spread visual culture, we have established and comply with the Nikon Imaging Japan Inc Privacy Protection Statement in accordance with the Nikon Group Privacy Protection Statement to gain your trust.

Nikon Group Privacy Protection Statement

  1. The Company handles personal information properly in providing Nikon products and services and in all our business activities associated with them. Moreover, except when stipulated by law, we notify customers of, or publicize, the intended use of personal information and only use personal information within the scope of this intended use.
  2. The Company has built a Privacy Protection Management System conforming to JISQ 15001 to comply with laws, governmental guidance, other standards regarding personal information, and the Nikon Group Privacy Protection Statement.
  3. The Company has implemented physical and technological risk-based security control measures to protect personal information, and it continues to strive with preventive and corrective actions to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, leaks and loss of personal information, and defamation.
  4. The Company accepts and appropriately responds to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information as well as notifications regarding the intended use of personal information and its disclosure, correction, addition, and deletion as well as discontinuing its provision to third parties.
  5. The Company continuously improves its privacy protection management system.

Date established: 01 May 2006
Date revised: 01 April 2019
Nikon Imaging Japan Inc.
Representative Director, President Hideyuki Kitabata

Privacy Policy

  1. Acquisition of Personal Information
    • The Company specifies the intended use of personal information provided by our customers.
    • When acquiring personal information from customers, the Company notifies them of its intended use, except when it is obvious from the conditions of the acquisition, and acquires the information after obtaining consent.
    • If the customer is a minor, we acquire personal information after obtaining the consent of the minor's guardian as well.
    • The scope of the personal information that the Company acquires is limited to the minimum necessary for our business.
    • When the Company acquires personal information from our customers, we acquire it according to applicable laws and fair means.
  2. Personal Information Use
    • The Company does not use personal information for any purpose exceeding the scope necessary to achieve our business purposes. Moreover, we have established measures to ensure that use other than for this purpose does not occur.
    • The intended use of personal information at the Company is as shown below.
      • For managing customer information, building relationships with customers, direct marketing, system administration, personalized marketing, and support for questions from customers, including inquiries regarding personal information.
      • To provide products or services requested by the customer, including product sales, repair and inspection, after-sales service, and catalogue distribution.
      • To enable response to customer requests including customer inquiry history (including the collection of customer inquiries for the purpose of improving the Company's responsiveness).
      • As a reference to determine customer requirements for products, planning, development, advertisement, sales, and service activities of the Nikon Group (This personal information will include answers to questionnaires given at the time of purchase, the customer satisfaction survey, and the customer's inquiry history).
      • To offer product information, company information, service information, and other related information of the Nikon Group, e.g. the sending of new product information, books, magazines or mail magazines.
      • To notify a prizewinner or send a prize, or for the purpose of other communication with the person in question.
      • To verify participants in exhibitions and seminars and to correspond with them after the event.
      • To develop and maintain smooth relations with business partners and related entities.
      • As a reference in the recruitment of an individual where the personal information is provided by an inquirer or an applicant to the Company.
      • For employment management of employees.
      • To verify visitors to business offices and the like.
      • As defined by Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable laws and regulations.
    • The acquired personal information may, provided that particular individuals cannot be identified, be processed and used as statistical data.
    • The Company publicizes the intended use of personal information by posting it on the Company's website.
  3. Options for Providing Personal Information
    • Provision of personal information is optional for our customers. However, if not provided, the intended use defined in "2. Use of Personal Information" will not be achieved, and services may not be available, in part or in whole.
  4. Provision of Personal Information
    • The Company shall not disclose or provide personal information obtained to a third party except in the following cases.
      • The customer has consented to its provision in advance.
      • It is allowed by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws.
      • It is necessary to protect major interests, such as a person's life or finances.
      • It is particularly necessary to improve public hygiene or maintain the healthy development of children.
      • It is necessary to cooperate with the performance of work stipulated by law by a government agency or a local public organization, or an entity who has been commissions by them.
  5. Sharing
    • Acquired personal information may be shared and used within the Nikon Group in order to attain the usage purposes described in Section 2, "Personal Information Use".
      • Items shared include "full name, date of birth, country/region of residence, address, phone number, FAX number, email address, membership type, models/dates of purchase/serial numbers, of purchased or owned camera, lenses, Speedlights and the like, repair history, content of questions, content of commissions, and content of requests".
      • The entity responsible for management of personal information when sharing personal information the Company acquired is Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. The Nikon Group will observe the Nikon Group Privacy Protection Policy and strictly control the security of personal information.
    • It is published by each of the Nikon Group Companies via their websites.
    • Nikon Group Companies

  6. Contracting the Handling of Personal Information
    • Acquired personal information may be disclosed and offered to sub-contractors within the limited scope necessary to achieve the purpose for which the information is being used. e.g. When the Company sends products to a distributor or assigns the role of organizing a campaign to a data processing company.
    • In the depositing of personal information, we select contractors based on the Company's contractor selection criteria with regard to the work contractor's privacy protection system. We conclude a non-disclosure agreement between the work contractor and the Company and along with imposing a duty to strictly control personal information, we perform appropriate surveillance.
  7. Questions Regarding Personal Information
    • Please contact the information desk for individual services or the help desk below regarding requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion or discontinuing use of, removal, and discontinuing provision to third parties with regard to your own personal information or for questions or consultations regarding handling of personal information.
      (A fee may apply for questions.)
      Personal Information Help Desk: Personal Information Management Office

Date established: 01 May 2006
Date revised: 01 March 2019
Nikon Imaging Japan Inc.
Privacy Protection Administrator